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JExcel 1.1 Release Notes

posted Sep 22, 2010, 6:01 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 11, 2012, 12:31 AM by Unknown user ]

New Feature and Improvements:

  • Added protect/unprotect features for the Worksheet class.
  • Added the getUsedRange method for the Worksheet class.
  • Added delete/insert functionality for columns/rows in the Worksheet class.
  • Added save() and saveAs() methods for JWorkbook.
  • Added the ability to specify the order of cells in the resulting list of the Range.getCells() method.
  • Added the ability to declare the getWorkbook() method from the JWorkbook class as public.
  • Added isLogical() and getLogical() methods to the Cell class to allow getting a value of boolean expressions.



  • Fixed the problem with creation of JWorkbook in static mode.
  • Fixed the exception occurred while closing JWorkbook in static mode.
  • Fixed the exception occurred during printing of an Excel file.
  • Fixed the problem with incorrectly obfuscated Excel stubs inside the JExcel library.
  • Fixed JVM crash on Workbook.saveAs method when JExcel is running with MS Excel 2000.
  • Fixed "FunctionExecutionException: invalid vtbl" exception occurred when calling Application.openWorkbook() method in Excel 2000.
  • Fixed the problem with releasing of the Excel document after closing the JWorkbook component.