Copying worksheets from one workbook to another

package basics;

import com.jniwrapper.win32.jexcel.*;


* This sample demonstrates how to copy worksheet from one workbook to another and
* how to save workbook in MS Excel 2003 format.
* <p/>
* MS Excel workbook with at least three worksheets stored in MS Excel 2003 format with name test.xls
* must be present in the project working directory.
* <p/>
* The sample works with MS Excel in non-embedded mode.
public class WorksheetCopySample
public static void main(String[] args) throws ExcelException, IOException
//Start MS Excel application.
// Application starts invisible and without any workbooks
Application application = new Application();

Workbook wb1 = application.openWorkbook(new File("D:\\tmp\\test.xls"));
Workbook wb2 = application.createWorkbook("WB2");
Workbook wb3 = application.createWorkbook("WB3");

Worksheet ws2 = wb1.getWorksheet(2);
Worksheet ws3 = wb1.getWorksheet(3);

//Copy worksheets to workbooks and set them as the first worksheet.
// For this pass the first workbook worksheet as the 'before' parameter
wb2.copyWorksheet(ws2, wb2.getWorksheet(1), null);
wb3.copyWorksheet(ws3, wb3.getWorksheet(1), null);

//Save workbook in Excel 2003, to save in Excel 2007 format use FileFormat.OPENXMLWORKBOOK
// format specificator and *.xlsx extention
wb2.saveAs(new File("D:\\tmp\\test2.xls"), FileFormat.WORKBOOKNORMAL, true);
wb3.saveAs(new File("D:\\tmp\\test3.xls"), FileFormat.WORKBOOKNORMAL, true);

//Perform cleanup after yourself and close the MS Excel application forcing it to quit